Conquering the water crisis with well water system

We just completed a water system in July 2016. Shortage of water was becoming a major crisis at Hope Academy. We have rainwater catchment system but during the dry season, the tanks empty out and students have to walk nearly half a mile to the well to fetch water. The road leading to the well is a very dangerous because of the speeding vehicles. Also a lot of time is wasted walking back and forth to the well.


A solution was to excavate an existing well to clean it up and expand it. Now the well can retain a substantial amount of water to last for several months during the dry season.

We inserted an electric submersible water pump into the well to pump water up the hill to a retaining tank at the school. The water from the tank is piped out and distributed around the campus. No more walking down the dangerous road for nearly half mile to the well, risking accidents, miss classes, girls getting disturbed by men, etc.

Now, with the well-water system, underground water system, and rainwater catchment system, we are close to conquering the water crisis for good. Many thanks to all our supporters and partners such as EWB-UMN for their generosity.

Well Water System