Building classrooms to improve education in rural Africa

Every year, the number of kids who seek to enroll at Hope Academy is increasing. We are nearing 350 students on campus. As the enrollment rises, we are running out of classroom space to accommodate all the students.  In 2016 we started building new additional classrooms and gradually making progress. The walls are completed; we remain with the roof and floors.

We are grateful to friends who have made this work possible. Walls and roofing are completed. As of June 2017, we need funds for:

  • Installing 39 windows ($4,000) and 6 doors ($800)
  • Installing concrete floors ($6,500)
  • Plastering and painting the walls ($3,500)

Here are some concrete ways you can make this project a reality:

o   $10   = 50kg bag of cement

o   $15   = 1 sheet of tin roof

o   $48   = 50kg of roofing nails

o   $102 = 1 window

o   $45   = 15 pieces of timber

o   $72   = Bucket of paint

o   $121 = 10 truckloads of sand

o   $133 = 1 door

Together we can get these classrooms ready for kids who are eager for an education that will set them on a path to a better life, not only for themselves but their families and village as well. Donate