Planting seeds of entrepreneurship through soap production

The students at Hope Academy are making herbal soap and jelly as a strategy for the school to become self-reliant and reduce dependency on donor funding. Soap is fairly easy to make and entrepreneurial skills the students obtain in the process are essential as they prepare to become independent adults. The products are sold in local markets and schools.

herbal soap

The main objective of this project is three-fold:

  1. to provide employable skills to our students and local youth in soap production and marketing;
  2. to generate income using local resources to produce a product with a local market.;
  3. to act as a means of improving the hygiene of the students at Hope Integrated Academy and the families in the surrounding community. Some families are very poor and struggle to afford soap and result in the rapid spread of germs causing ill health for families. Some schools don’t have soap at the latrines which expose the kids to the danger of contracting diseases. Soap production will be integrated into our on-going health talks we conduct in schools which involve teaching kids the importance of washing hands after using the latrine.