Women Empowerment

At URF we believe in the contributions of women to society today. We are committed to the empowerment of women groups through economic opportunities, awareness of their rights, and to empower them to get actively involved in decision-making processes in issues that affect their livelihoods.

The objective of our program is to provide education, employment assistance, health outreach, and housing and support services to women who are in disadvantaged positions due to poverty, homelessness, and AIDS. Our goal is to provide case management, support services, basic skills education and resource coordination that can offer viable alternatives for economic and social growth.


Realizing that intervention for empowerment of women must be done at many different levels, the organization intervenes both at group and level household levels.

The advocacy program aims at directly increasing women’s access to information and opportunities for sustainable development thereby increasing their choices and abilities to engage in development processes that directly affect them.

You may support the women’s group by purchasing their crafts here. Thank you

Projects Empowering Women 

a) Village Banking  – functions as a micro-finance group, where women save small amount of money in form of shares, this pool of funds is loaned out to members to use for starting small businesses.

b) Goat project  – URF gives a goat to a woman as a means of economic sustenance. When the goat has a first baby, it is passed on to another member; as a result the project is self-sustaining.

c) Piggery project – Each woman receives a pig to raise. Like the goat project, the first baby piglet is passed on to another woman in the group. The rest of the subsequent piglets can be sold for family income.

d) Arts and Crafts – women recieve training on making crafts and their products are sold locally and abroad. These funds go back to the women to support their families.

One of the women used her loan to set up a successful salon where she employed 4 other women.


  • Active participation in local leadership
  • Food securities
  • Human rights advocacy
  • Access to markets
  • Influencing of local government

Mobilizing women to play a role in community responses to AIDS through their participation in in prevention and care activities based on understanding,  compassion and community solidarity.


The capacity building component involves strengthening of human resources for women groups in technical and organizational skills. It also aims at the provision of basic needs and empowerment in decision-making processes at all levels of society.

Women face many problems in our society today, like illiteracy, inequitable wages, and poor health caused by systems and social customs, which make it difficult for women to break free from a life of poverty. The organization serves to strengthen the women’s political and economic participation and help women build self-sufficiency and self-esteem through women’s cooperatives and training programs.

URF seems to assist women to start organic agriculture as a means of earning a better income, while also protecting the quality of their soil for future harvests.
The organization will train the women and other marginal farmers in the use of local seeds and other sustainable organic agricultural practices, including the preparation of organic pesticides and practice of composting.